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We have everything you need for your Office Coffee Service

Did you know you can get everything you need for your office coffee service from Imagetech? Our worry-free service includes free consultations to help you find the system that best suits your needs, free installation and ongoing maintenance as well as great prices on a huge selection of the coffee brands you love. Imagetech's selection, skilled coffee service staff and easy ordering system add up to a hassle-free way to upgrade and maintain your office coffee setup. Wether you prefer single serving, pre-ground or whole bean coffees, our selection has you covered; from brewers, coffees and creamers to cups, lids and stirrers. Some of our most popular products include:

  • - Freshly Ground Whole Bean System
  • - Starbucks iCup brewer
  • - Whole Bean Coffees: Starbucks, Lavazza
  • - Single Cup Solutions
  • - Keurig: brewers and K-cups
  • - Tassimo: brewers and T-discs
  • - Pre-ground Drip Brewing Systems
  • - Bunn
  • - Newco
  • - Pre-ground Coffees: Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Folgers, Maxwell House

- Vertex water filtration machines

Contact us today to learn how we can improve your office coffee service and to see if you qualify for a free Starbucks machine! OR 1-800-609-5707.



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